Blitz 2.0 GameLine® Remover Solution

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A new removal solution that is more environmentally friendly

What is Blitz 2.0?

  • A removal solution that is more environmentally friendly
  • Can be shipped via any transportation method, including by air
  • Formula meets regulatory standards for shipping with a removable lid (makes recycling much easier when the pail is empty)
  • A pleasant smell and a soft blue hue
  • Can be applied using standard low pressure application equipment (backpack sprayers, pump sprayers, etc.)
  • Longer working time before evaporation

Product Highlights

  • Helps you easily remove Pioneer’s GameLine synthetic turf paints
  • Slower evaporation rate than Pioneer's original Blitz formula means more working time before reapplication (if needed at all)
  • Faster removal of GameLine paint compared to Pioneer's original Blitz formula
  • Can be applied through most low pressure spray applicators, including Pioneer’s P-REX Remover & Extractor
  • Can be used with temperatures of 32˚F and above

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